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  • Thermal Process And ...

    September 9th, 2014

    Industrial heat treating of metals, and metal alloys, has been a popular process for nearly a century. Heat treating metals helps to increase their strength, as well as offering the [...]

  • Create Unique Jewelr...

    September 5th, 2014

    If you are someone that likes to have unique pieces of jewelry, consider making them yourself. Making one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry doesn’t take a lot of experience or jewelry making [...]

  • Four Tips For Optima...

    September 3rd, 2014

    Retail stores are as old as commerce itself. This means that there are countless justified approaches for designing a retail store. However, there are a few tips and design strategies [...]

  • From City Mouse To C...

    August 21st, 2014

    You’ve recently moved to a home where your nearest neighbor is miles down the road. You have dreams of a slower life, organic farms and free-range chickens. Transitioning from city [...]

  • Don’t Try This...

    August 18th, 2014

    When it comes to certain property improvement projects, there are at least three you should never attempt yourself. In the case of these three, it’s better to bring in the [...]

The Importance of a Chassis

The chassis is an important aspect of the car and without it, you would have no suspension. Learn more about this part here.

Painting and Interior Touches

The painting and interior are the finishing touches of making a car. Find out how to make the most of them here.

The Car Body

The car body is another important component when making a car. There are many body types and you will want to know what each one is capable of.

Building a Car

Building a car is a complicated process, but the steps are broken down to cover the most important aspects, including chassis, body, and interior.